Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Isto é mesmo bonito:

Porque isto é a imagem que têm de nós "lá fora" ao mais alto nível do Estado: a Segurança Nacional. E isto, senhores, a ser verdade, dá direito a cortar umas quantas cabeças. Porque é da defesa do País que falamos, e porque é o dinheiro dos contribuintes que está aqui a ser MAL utilizado.

"Portugal has more generals and admirals per soldier than almost any modern military: 1 per 260. The U.S., by comparison, has a ratio of 1 per 871. The image of generals sitting around doing nothing is no mere allegory. Portugal has an additional 170 generals and admirals receiving full pay while in inactive reserve status. "

"Regarding defense procurement, the MOD´s desires and actions seem to be guided by peer pressure and the desire for expensive toys. The MOD purchases weapons platforms as a matter of pride, regardless of their utility. The two most obvious examples are their two submarines (currently delayed) and 39 fighter jets (only twelve of which are airworthy). 

13. (C/NOFORN) With 800 kilometers of coastline and two distant archipelagoes to defend, the two German submarines they purchased in 2005, and which are still under construction, are not the wisest investment. The subs have no formal mission task and lack the resources even to patrol aimlessly. Portugal purchased the submarine hulls but failed to order missile systems, meaning the subs will be without a strike capability even if they did have a mission. The two submarines replace two 50-year old Daphne class submarines that, although officially in service, were described by a U.S. Navy submariner as ”deathtraps” that rarely left the pier. Meanwhile, Portugal has few serviceable coastal patrol craft for littoral defense and to address narcotrafficking, migration, and fisheries. Portugal has a few early-generation F-16s, but only one operational C-130 to get its soldiers and equipment to and from the fight. (Note: this C-130 spent three months in Afghanistan in 2008 and may return for a 2009 deployment. End note.) "

"The EU´s European Defense Agency ostensibly is supposed to harmonize the purchase programs of member states for greater efficiency. The thinly-veiled true objective, readily confessed to by Portuguese military and political officials, is to ensure member states ”buy European” regardless of whether the items fit Portugal´s defense strategy. Thus, Portugal used a U.S. excess defense article (EDA) budget to order two used frigates. Under pressure from European states, however, the MOD chose to spend over 300 million euros on used frigates from the Netherlands. The U.S. EDA frigates would have required only approximately 100 million euros in refit and logistics support. The ”study” that led the MOD to choose the Dutch frigates compared used U.S. frigates to new Dutch frigates, even though the Dutch ships were more than 15 years old. They also counted the 100 million euro refit and logistics expense as a ”cost” while only counting the hull cost of the Dutch frigates in the price comparison. "

"15. (C/NOFORN) Similar funny accounting occurred with patrol helicopters, a critical necessity for Portugal´s two Atlantic archipelagoes. The European-made H-101 was ruled cheaper than U.S. competition, but only because spare parts and ervice were not included in the European proposal. Weeks after entering service, the EH-101s were grounded for lack of spare parts. The 20-year old Pumas the EH-101s were supposed to replace were forced back into service. Separately, Portugal procured 36 used Leopard A6 tanks from the Netherlands. The tanks are fine, but Portugal has no operational doctrine, no maintenance operation, and no spare parts for them. Additionally, the tank purchase represented a departure from the Army´s stated objective of becoming more expeditionary, deployable, and lightweight. "

"18. (C/NOFORN) At the tactical level, we must recognize the obstacles to ecision-making in the MOD. This means we should engage early and at all levels and assist in the MOD´s internal coordination. Recently the Portuguese Navy approached us to ask that we ask their MOD to allow the navy to purchase the Harpoon missile; by no means the first time one GOP institution asked us to weigh n with another. We must also be mindful of Portugal´s calendar year budgetary ycle. Important decisions are made in the early autumn, which this year happens to coincide with national elections. "

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